Hamazkayin Sweden

Hamazkayin’s section in Sweden was founded in 2014 in the city of Uppsala.

Since 2015, it has expanded its action to the city of Södertälje, and it has also been operating in the city of Stockholm since 2019.

Hamazkayin Sweden specializes in Armenian Folk dance; it has three dance groups.

The first dance group “Adana” was founded in the city of Uppsala, the second dance group “Alik” in the city of Södertälje , and the third dance group, “Zartonk”, in the city of Stockholm.

Currently, “Alik” and “Zartonk” dance groups are active in the cities of Södertälje and Stockholm.

Hamazkayin’s largest dance troupe, “Alik”, operates in the town of Södertälje, where Armenian language courses are also provided for children. The headquarters of the association are also based in this city.

One of the main programs of Hamazkayin Sweden is the annual dance show. The section cooperates with other organizations in Sweden and promotes the Armenian culture through Armenian folk dance.