Hamazkayin France

Hamaskaïne Hauts-de-Seine

The Hamaskaïne Hauts-de-Seine section was established in October 2018, joining an international network of individuals dedicated to promoting Armenian identity through creativity and cultural enrichment. Its main objectives are to define and implement an Armenian cultural and educational policy for the population of Hauts-de-Seine, support the Hamaskaïne-Tarkmantchatz School in Issy-les-Moulineaux, create educational and cultural materials in Armenian for children and young adults, promote and transmit the Armenian language and culture, bring together individuals interested in Hamazkayin’s educational and pedagogical methods, and organize activities for children and adults.

It is based at the Maison de la culture arménienne, 31 avenue Bourgain, 92130 Issy-les-Moulineaux.

Hamaskaïne Marseille - Courants d'Art

Hamaskaïne Marseille – Courants d’Art was founded in 1995 to promote Armenian and Mediterranean cultures through dance, music, and art schools for all ages. Its Dance School hosts the Guiliguia dance ensemble, while the Music School offers courses in piano, dhol, doudouk, Canon, violin, and guitar. The Art School provides drawing, painting, and pottery classes.

The section works closely with the Hamaskaïne School, adjusting its timetable to the school’s schedule. All activities are held on the premises of the School located at 60 Boulevard Pinatel, 13012 Marseille.

Hamaskaïne Paris

On December 27, 1933, a Hamaskaïne committee was set up in Paris to promote and coordinate actions in favor of the Armenian language and culture in various French cities.
In 1935, Paris had 198 members, the Chaville section 100 members; there were sections in Marseille, Alfortville, Sevran, Lyon, Vienne and Saint Maurice.
In the 1980s, the Paris section was reborn at the Maison de la Culture Arménienne with the creation of the Timag troupe, made up of some fifteen young Armenians born in France and the Middle East. It presented works by Mouchegh Ichkhan, Lévon Chanth, Yervant Odian… For Timag, theater in the Armenian language was a priority.
Today, the 45-member Paris chapter is an important player in cultural life. It organizes book presentations, film screenings, conferences, concerts, etc. It cooperates with other associations in the Paris region and contributes to initiatives run by the Central Committee of Hamazkayin: the Marseille and Issy-les-Moulineaux schools, the Armenian Youth Forum and Youthlinks in Europe.

Hamaskaïne Valence

The Levon Shant Chapter of Hamazkayin in Valence was founded in September 2003. The chapter is actively operative. On various occasions, the committee organizes events, such as literary evenings, lectures, evenings of recitation art, theater shows, concerts, parties, and others.