Hamazkayin Greece

The Regional Committee of Hamazkayin in Greece has the following chapters:

  1. Sos Vani (Athens-Attiki) was established in November 2011 (92 members).
  2. Nairi Dance Group (Athens) was established in November 2011 (112 members).
  3. Ghazaros Sarian (Thessaloniki) was established in 1980 (90 members).
  4. Barouir Sevag (Serres) was established in February 2002 (22 members).
  5. Dikran Yergat (Rhodes Island) was established in 2016 (29 members).

Hamazkayin has the following groups and committees in Greece:

  • The Hagop Papazian Choir, conducted by Migirditch Krikorian, has 26 members.
  • Nairi, Nanor, and Maralo dance ensembles in Athens (representing three different levels) have 100 dancers, directed by Edgar Egian.
  • The Masis dance group in Thessaloniki has 26 dancers. Rafael Vardazarian is the dance instructor.
  • The Arshavir Kazantzian theater group has 15 members.

The Regional Committee of Greece has around 345 members.